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         Heating Elements

          Heating elements used as main equipment in duct type
          heaters are produced as 2 types: tubular and finned
          ones. Heating element tube is made of stainless material
          with AISI 304 quality. Heating element is produced by
          centering Ni/Cr-80/20 wire in the middle of stainless
          tube, filling with MgO powder under vibration and
          compressing with MgO powder. Heating elements
          whose filling is completed are annealed in special forges
          so that they could be bended easily and tempered. M14
          brass union used at the edges of the heating elements
          provides easy mountage of them to the case.
          Heating elements can be produced in Ø 6.5 mm, Ø
          8.5 mm and  Ø 11 mm diameters, according to their
          technical adequacy such as duct sizes or usage areas.
          Finned heating elements are obtained by covering
          tubular heating element with serpentine produced with
          AISI 304 stainless material in special winding machines.

          Heating Element Power Range
          Min. 0,4 kW – Max. 9,0 kW

           B  B                                            B  B
                          A A
                                                                           A A

         B  B                                             B  B

                          A A                                              A A

          Tubular Heating Element U Type                   Element U Type
          A : Min. 200 mm – Max. 3.000 mm                  A : Min. 200 mm – Max. 3.000 mm
          B : Min. 40 mm                                   B : Min. 70 mm

          Tubular heating element M Type                   Element U Type
          A : Min. 200 mm – Max. 2.000 mm                  A : Min. 200 mm – Max. 2.000 mm
          B : Min. 120 mm                                  B : Min. 210 mm

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