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        About Us

        Resterm Industrial Heating Equipment started
        operating with its knowledge and experience in the
        field of industrial heating element production in 2013
        in Istanbul.

        Resterm Industrial Heating Equipment, making
        production and sales of duct type electric heaters for
        manufacturer and end user in the HVAC (Heating,
        Ventilation and Air Conditioning) market, produces
        solutions for its customers by reinforcing technical
        analyses upon necessity with cost efficient quality
        products and service manner as an engineering

        Product portfolio of Resterm consists of from
        rectangular and circular duct type heaters, tubular
        and finned heating element types, electric floor
        convectors, heater control panels, safety and
        automation equipments.

        By making no concession on quality, Resterm
        Industrial Heating Equipment aims to help its
        customers make profits with accurate technical
        solutions without any cost pressure and value added
        products. It will gain value together with its customers
        by being one of the leader companies of the sector
        and providing solutions beyond expectations without
        making any concessions on its foundation aims.

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