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        Duct Type Heaters

        Duct type heaters are produced in special sizes as
        circular and rectangular sections. Heating element
        parts of the heaters produced as galvanized sheet
        or stainless steel sheet are 304 stainless steel. They
        are produced as tubular or finned due to the fact
        that finned ones provide more efficient heating since
        heating surface is enhanced.
        General usage areas of them are ventilation systems.
        These devices, specially designed for different duct
        types and sizes, are used as preheater to heat
        outdoor air, and as main and after heater to heat
        the area and the blast. They are quite useful devices
        with easy mounting to the duct especially in cases
        watery system heaters cannot be used. Products can
        be produced including power and control equipment

        Air Handling Unit

        Type Heater

        Klima santrali üretici firmaları için özel olarak These
        are the devices specially designed for air handling unit
        manufacturer companies. Products produced suitable
        for the sizes of air handling unit cells are detailed in 2
        different designs.
        They are used as preheater, main heater and/or end
        heater in all air handling units, especially hygienic air
        handling units.

        There are standard safety thermostat as 70°C and
        110°C (with manual reset option) in all the heaters.

        * Upon special request, Zone 2 and Exproof
          equipment can be produced.                                                                          3
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