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        Capacity Calculation

        •  Exit temperature of electric heaters should be
           designed as 50°C maximum.                                      Pressure Drop (Pa)
        •  Air speed within the electric heater must be
           1.5 m/sec.
        P  = 0,36 x Q x ΔT
        P  = Total Power (W)        Basınç Kaybı Hesabı :                                Air Speed (m/s)
        Q  = Air Volume (m /h)               P
                                    X = --------------
        ΔT = Temperature                  S x 15                              Pressure loss in the duct depends on design
              Difference (°C)       X = Heater Resistance Ordinal number      speed and heating element ordinal number.
                                                                              Heating element ordinal number is calculated
                                    P = Total Power (kW)                      through the formula located on the next
                                    S = Cross Section (m )  (S = A x B)       side and ordinal number and pressure loss
                                                                              corresponding available air speed on the
                                                                              graphic above are found.
        Points To Be Taken Into

        Account During Mounting

        •  The electrical connection box should not be
           located on below level  so that the condensation in
           the duct does not damage the heater.
        •  Mounting of the equipment such as fan, bend
           and damper should be within a specific distance
           to provide proper air-flow on duct type heater.
           This distance is twofold of diagonal length of
           rectangular type heater and twofold of diameter of
           the duct type heater for circular type.

        Quality Control Tests

        Heating elements/Duct type heaters whose
        production is completed, are subject to functionality
        and electrical safety tests stated below:

        •  High voltage test
        •  Leakage current test
        •  Hot Insulation test
        •  Cold Insulation test
        •  Operational scenario test (optional)

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