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        Control Equipments

        Safety Thermostat
        There are two safety thermostats which activates at 70°C and 110°C
        on the device. When the temperature inside the device reaches over
        70°C, immersion type 70°C thermostat desactivates and closes heater
        contactor. In case there is a breakdown in 70°C thermostat,  when
        the temperature reached up to 110°C thermostat, 110°C thermostat
        with manual reset desactivates contactor.  Reset button must be pushed
        so that the device could reactivate. Generally, the devices should not
        be started up to prevent this problem which is frequently encountered
        when the device is started up without air-flow.

        Control Panel
        Upon the request of the customer, internal and external type panel
        application can be made on the device. Panels, on which equipment
        suitable for the requested control scenario is used, are custom
        manufacturing and submitted to the customer  in working condition by
        completing scenario tests.

        On/Off Mode Control Panel
        It consists of two-piece structure as Control card + Digital control
        panel. It has On/off control opportunity with its 3 stages. User
        temperature setting, temperature display,  manual/automatic
        temperature control can be done through the digital control panel.
        Mode can be used together with the contactor circuit in the panel.

        Proportional Stage Control Card
        It provides On/Off control up to 3 stages with 0-10V control signal to
        be sent from an external controller and/or an automation system. It is
        used together with mode contactor circuit in the panel.

        Power Thyristör
        It provides proportional control with 0-10V control signal to be sent
        from an external controller and/or an automation system. Required
        power is established via the product with the same power amount of
        the electrical heater manufactured as single-stage.

        Air Flow Switch
        It is a safety equipment which blocks working of the electrical heater in
        case there is no air flow. It is attached to contactor circuit serially.

        Temperature Sensors
        They are used for measuring temperature in the ducts to which
        the heaters are attached. Controlling or limiting the heater exit
        temperature is conducted through control panels to which they are
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